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June 19, 2009

Computer Frustrations

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I spent a good two hours converting raw footage into a pretty little video, converting it from .vob to .avi and then Windows Movie Maker -ing it.

Everything was great…. I saved the file,  and when I opened it…. the video was black!!! I tried all different things to fix it, and then suddenly all videos went black and white, no matter what I did it refused to play back in colour. I almost smashed the computer screen, but then I managed to fix the colour and re-create my video.

And that, folks, is why I was awake until 3am last night.



May 31, 2009

Just Fell In-Love Again

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I just met my gorgeous half-brother today after 3 years, and that makes today such a happy day! I was truly in love with him when he was a young baby, and to see him all grown up is such a beautiful sight. He’s taller and loves computer games. On a sad note he says he doesn’t have many friends at school and when I brought up his birthday he said he wasn’t excited because last year he didn’t get any presents. Have no fear, Sakina is here!! I just hope that I don’t have to wait another 3 years to see him next.

May 23, 2009

TV appearance!

I just watched myself boradcasted on television. I invited some family over to watch my debut, a regretabble choice.
But aside from all their mindless nattering, all went quiet when my face graced the TV. Nerves got the better of me and I hid my face, peeking through my fingers, heart beating and pulse raicing!

I was relieved with the outcome! My nerves didn’t transpire across the television screen, and my skin looked flawless 😉
Overall a good show! Incase you missed it you have another chance on Tuesday 26th of May, its on at 22:00 on SKY channel 813. Happy watching!

May 2, 2009

Mosque Fashion!

I decided to grace the mosque with my presence much to the delight of my family! Here’s a photo of what I was wearing!

A taste of Indian Fashion

A taste of Indian Fashion

The mosque I attended has a strong Indian heritage. As it was the 5th of Jumada Al-Awwal, or 1st of May 2009; a celebration was held to commemorate the birth of  Zaynab bint Ali, an important figure in Shia Islam!

April 24, 2009

Watch This Space

Rewards come in a variety of packaging, depending on the scale of an action. Volunteering for has rewarded me with a television interview! Its not exactly prime-time, but baby steps!

March 18, 2009

Countdown Begins!

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Everything looks set to go! I should be moving-in around the first week of April. I have just over two weeks left!!
I dedicated soo many hours of my day to cleaning my bedroom yesterday, and by cleaning I don’t mean your simple – put clothes in laundry – kinda clean, I mean a whole scrub up, bin lots, sort out all paperwork etc. I feel so good about it =)

Here’s a photo of my bedroom:


It has served me well lol.

March 15, 2009

Dye Dye Dye

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So I died my hair back to black, my natural colour, from the various shades of brunette I had previously gone.

Heres a lil picture of my old colour:

Gingery Hair

Gingery Hair ❤

And here comes my new colour, back to black:
My new hair colour!

My new hair colour!

Same headband, I know! =)

March 14, 2009

Update: House

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Just a quick update:

  • We have sent in our one month notice to leave our current house.
  • Tomorrow morning my father and I are visiting the owners of the dream property to hopefully sign the contract.

March 13, 2009

What A Beautiful House!

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WARNING : Visual Imagery Only

Today, during lessons I fitted in time to view two possible houses, that we can move into in the coming month. The first I saw was an american themed house on a road I have previously lived on. We were shown around and it was nice, but a bit small and up on top of a hill, one requirment that displeases the elders! However it is near my college and near my grandmothers house.

Now the second house I went to see had most of the family excited, as it neighbours an aunt whom we all love dearly. Even before entering I thought that this property looked promising, and the inside lived up to and beyond my expectations. It is spacious, and beautifuly decorated. Downstairs there’s a comfortable sitting room, with an indian themed sofa swing, which leads onto a large room used as a dining room. The kitchen is spacious, and is one of two.

Downstairs is a room used for a grandmother, which links into the second kitchen/utlitites room, and has its own envious bathroom. In my mind I can imagine the room  as a lounge, with sofas and cofee table, and maybe a few shisha pipes.

Also downstairs is a study, which I think would be lovely as my grandparents room, as it gives a lot of privacy.

Upstairs is another post in intself! But to summarise there is a small room ideal for my sister. The master bedroom is pretty with fitted wadrobes. There are two double bed rooms, both of which I would be happy to move into. And the bathroom has both a bath and a shower.

To tell you the truth, we’re all smitten. It is such a beautiful home. If only I had photos to show! It is not on the market yet, so we’re lucky to get our hands on it first.

I can already picture the housewarming parties in my mind! It is a promising property!

February 26, 2009

Evening with a Tv-Crew

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On my walk home from school I noticed numerous vans parked outside my local church.
Shrugging it off as a little church-trip for the locals, I carried on with my own business, noticing the flood lights in my park.
How strange, I thought.
I got home and decided to do some homework until….
My sister runs into my room screaming “Sakina there’s a film crew outside! A film crew!”
It was getting dark, but I decided to grab my coat and head outside.
Ater a dull ten minutes of watching with others, a member of the crew announced that shooting
would begin, and we must stand by the crew to be out of shot.

And then began the filming, three police cars swerve down the road and stop abruptly at a house.
The coppers jump out of the vehicle and plan to storm into the house, and then “cut!” yells the directer.
This sequence happens a good 15 times.

To pass the time between shots I befriend members of the crew, and they exchange stories about work, current and previous. One lady spoke of the times she had distracted actors leading them to be shown on Out-take Tv Shows, and another told me how he has experience on famous sets such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

They also speak about the woes of working in television, especially at times of recession.

One of the crew members smuggles me the staff agenda, which includes spoilers, phone numbers and health and safety details; but i’m too honest to exploit this.

About an hour later the sequence is shot again, the same actors jump out of their cars, yelling a familiar
“Sally, go round the back!”, when the director yells “Cut! And that’s a wrap!”.
The crew scrambles away, clearing the set, the actors are whisked away in a van.

I watch for a few minutes, when a boy walking his dog sits beside me.
We exchange small talk, but I don’t feel the usual need to ignore him; and talk to him for about ten minutes.
He tells me that hes a small time DJ trying to make it big in the industry. We exchange numbers and I head home.

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